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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
In order to provide our customers with the most accurate and in-depth information please read below some answers to the most frequently asked questions about electric golf caddies in general and in particular.
Why should I use an electric golf push cart vs. a regular push cart or a golf cart?
Electric golf caddies provide you with a series of benefits, such as improved health and fitness, weight loss, lower handicap and a better overall golf experience, as well as economic benefits due to the saved rental cart fees. On Average a trolley pays back for itself within one season considering a $15.00-$20.00 rental cart fee. The caddy basically gives you the experience to play like a Tour Professional, i.e. walking but not having to carry, push or pull and thus avoiding any strain or fatigue which will most definitely impact your golf game. The real question is why should I not use an electric golf caddy and continue to carry my bag or waste money on riding cart rental fees?
What is the difference between a remote controlled and a manually controlled motorized golf trolley?
The remote controlled caddy can be operated via a handheld remote transmitter up to 100 yards distance. The manually controlled caddy is also power assisted but steering and speed control needs to be performed manually on the handle, so you will have to walk close to the caddy while operating it. The remote controlled caddy can also be manually operated via a seamless rheostat control on the handle. It especially comes in handy when walking off the fairway or after putting, because you don't have to walk back to your cart.
Will the golf cart follow me?
No! The type of carts that follow you are mostly obsolete or extinct. The main disadvantage of this technology was that they tended to cut corners, i.e. run into bunkers or water hazards once the operator went around them. You also needed to switch them off before you went on the green and walk back to them after putting. Today's remote control technology is more intuitive to use.
What is better? A rear wheel or a front wheel drive?
Front wheel driven caddies have some distinct disadvantages: Due to the motor being integrated into the front wheel there is additional weight which needs to be lifted when turning. Also the wheel spins when lifted, and the caddy tends to lose traction going uphill. It's also more difficult to repair. The rear wheel drive is definitely the way to go!
What makes your caddies better than those of your competitors?
Our caddies offer a unique and superior combination and balance of performance features, design, quality, service and value. Please refer to our Product Information section for detailed product features and benefits and don't hesitate to compare us to any of our competitors at any level. When purchasing a caddy please also consider the after-sales service. According to many of our customers we have the industry's best customer service, and response time (Testimonials). Our advice: Never buy this kind of product from amateurs on auction sites or from shady outfits without addresses or service phone numbers. You want to make sure you get servive and parts when you need it during the life of your caddy. Our trolley is the best value in the market with the best customer service, and that's why we continue to grow at an amazing pace, despite the current economic climate. We are a global company represented in the US, Canada and Europe.
Should I charge the battery once I receive the unit?
Our 12V sealed lead acid batteries come more or less fully charged, but we recommend to charge them for a full 12 hours before the first usage. The charger should either have a blinking green light or a red light while it's charging and turn into a steady green light when the battery is fully charged. The batteries develop their full potential after a few full charging cycles. We recommend not to leave the batteries on charge for longer periods of time. After a charging cycle is completed over night, unplug the battery and it will hold its charge for weeks if not months.
How long does the battery last?
Our batteries are rated to last on average for 27 holes or 6-7 hours of play per charge. Depending on the weight of your bag, topography of your course and the distance of travel they might last longer or shorter. However, we recommend to recharge the battery after every 18 holes or 5 hours of play, as complete drainage reduces the life time of a battery significantly! The overall life time for sealed lead acid and any other batteries used by any caddy OEM is dependent on a variety of factors, other than purely the number of charges, including but not limited to frequency between charges, duration of charge, level of drainage, idle time between usages, storage conditions and duration and overall shelf life. We usually predict a battery lasting anywhere between 150-200 charging cycles, if it is used frequently and according to instructions. We do cover our batteries 100% according to our published warranty policy, and any potential additional coverage is at our discretion.
What do the lights on the handle mean?
The red, yellow and green LEDs on the handle indicate the level of charge of the battery. When the battery is fully charged they all should be lit. As the battery drains itself first the green, then yellow will go off. If only the red is on it's time to recharge.
My caddy has no power when I try to turn it on?
Please check if all electrical connections are tight. Also check the fuse in the red cable of the battery leads within the battery carrying case. If broken please replace with a standard 30A automotive fuse.
My caddy tends to track to one side. What should I do?
All caddies will follow the weight and slope. If the weight in your bag is unevenly distributed the caddy will always tend to track to that side. Make sure that your bag is balanced. Please test the tracking of your caddy without the bag on even terrain. The tracking can also be adjusted by adjusting the front wheel with the adjustment mechanism. Please open the axle screw and the tracking rod located on the right side of the front wheel. Shift the wheel as needed and tighten the screws in reverse order. During operation make sure the bag is positioned straight, the weight in your bag is evenly balanced and does not shift.
Do caddies interfere with each other when playing with other carts?
No. The remote controls have slightly different frequencies, so they don't interfere with each other.
I lost or replaced my remote control and just received a replacement. How do I reprogram or resynchronize the new unit?
In order to resynchronize a new remote control you need to have the caddy under power (turned on) with the rheostat speed control in OFF position. Best to reboot (turn off and on) the caddy before starting the process. For pre-2010 models expose the controller box in the battery tray by opening the plastic lid in the tray. Now push the green button on the side of control box while simultaneously pushing either the forward or reverse button on the new remote transmitter for ca. 10 sec. For 2010 models the green button has been eliminated, so just point the remote onto the caddy a few feet away and press forward or reverse for 10 sec. If the caddy does not start moving at once, release and repeat process. Please make sure that the caddy is powered on during this procedure. We recommend to take the wheels off or jack up the caddy during resynchronization to prevent the caddy from getting away.
The golf season is over and I am ready to store my Trolley? What is your advice?
We recommend to clean the caddy using a damp cloth or brush for the wheel treads. DO NOT use a hose or power washer and keep moisture away from the electronics in the handle and controller box/compartment! Lubricate and protect the axles and wheel cores from oxidation with WD-40 or similar lubricant. Store in a dry, cool/non-freezing place. Give the battery a final full charge over night, unplug and store in a cool but non-freezing place. DO NOT leave the battery plugged into the caddy or charger! DO NOT leave the battery on a concrete floor, but ideally place on a wooden shelf. If possible recharge the battery every 6-8 weeks. Recharge before first use in Spring, and you should be in great shape for the next season. Stay warm!
Other informations:
Warranty: Our products have a year warranty going this way. Once you found any problem about our products, you afford us the picture and tell us the detailed problem, so our professional engineer will check the reason and give the guideline how to settle. If any spare parts needed, we would send them by DHL on our cost.

Payment: Our payment is T/T 100% in advance for the samples and below 20 feet container order; T/T 30% in advance & 70% against the copy of bill of lading/after the order being ready for the 20 feet container order and above.

Spare parts: we offer free spare parts once your order is more than 50 PCS. If you order 1 PCS 20 feet, you could get 2 cartons of free spare parts, thanks!

Logo service: we offer free logo service once your order meets 50 PCS.

MOQ: MOQ is 50 PCS, we offer free spare parts, free logo service once your order meets 50 PCS.

Lead time: 20 days after receiving the payment for 50PCS, 30 days after receiving the deposit for 20 feet container order.

Color: 25 PCS for 1 color, every color is available.

Samples: You could buy samples and we would deduct the samples fee in your products order as a favour, so genuinely the samples are free.

20" container could contain 200 PCS, 40" container could contain 400 PCS.

Luxury set for choice: Electronic parking brake, uniform speed system, tubular motors, carbon frame, lithium battery.

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