Increase Yearly Profits by $8,800+

with Golf Motor Caddies!
Leasing or owning a fleet of Golf Motor Caddies can produce extra revenue and increase your profits. There are many golfers out there today that would prefer to walk and have their golf equipment transported via a pushcart, self-carry or hire a caddy. You can offer an alternative by renting the golfing customer an electronic golf caddy. In addition the Golf Motor Caddies can be a supplement to your existing power cart fleet. You can now offer that alternative to the single rider leaving the power cart available for a full revenue rental.
This example is based on leasing 10 caddies (numbers may vary in your situation).
Monthly Revenues1
Monthly leasing cost2
Monthly Caddy Operating cost3
Monthly Profit
1 Based on 15 rentals / day @ $5.00 each x 30 days
2 Leasing cost estimated for 10 units over 2 years with buy-back of $10.00 / unit at end of lease.
3 Based on $1.50 / rental including labor for cleaning, battery charging, maintenance etc.
Operating on an eight-month golf season you could increase your rental revenue by $18,000.00 with profit of as much as $8,800.00 with this example. In addition, selling your power caddies after your lease has matured could generate up to $4000 in extra profits every 2 years based on a 10 electronic caddy fleet (assuming you sold each used unit for $400). In fact, if you add 10 units to your fleet per year in subsequent years you could then increase your profits by up to $4000 per year from used power cart sales alone.
The following is a list of benefits to operating a fleet of electronic caddies.
  • Increase your revenue and profits
  • Speed up pace of play
  • Increased play increases revenue from additional green fees and facility use
  • Electronic caddies are easy to operate
  • Low cost leasing
  • Annual leasing costs are a fully deductible expense versus a purchase
  • Low maintenance and sturdy durable construction
  • Easy to store with a limited amount of space
  • Power caddies integrate well with your power cart fleet to maximize rental revenue
  • Sell used power caddies at end of lease for additional profits
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