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Are you one of those golfers who finally wants to enjoy the true nature and beauty of a golf course while getting some physical exercise at the same time by walking the course? If you are getting tired of wasting money on renting riding carts, carrying your heavy golf bag or straining your shoulders, back and arms by pushing or pulling a flimsy cart, the electric motorized golf push kaddy cart is the perfect solution for you!
The Electric Golf Caddy models continue to be the best value on the market! Now in their 9th model year, the flagship best-selling high tech, fully remote controlled 601TR and our proven innovative, manually controlled 106E shark, as well as the recently introduced 601T and light weight, state-of-the-art remote controlled X2R will give you the Tour Professional golfer's experience, walking the course while a ("robotic") caddy is carrying your bag.
Electric Golf Caddy offers a proven, well designed, high quality and great value series of electric motorized push golf carts. Carts are available as either manually or fully remote controlled units and have been around since many years (2001). As testified by many of our customers (testimonials) they will improve your health, make your round of golf more enjoyable, probably lower your handicap and even save you money by eliminating riding cart rental fees. Join the exclusive and strongly growing club of a new life style of golfing and Save your Energy for the Game!
We promise as world's best golf trolleys come with the industry's best customer care and warranty.Our golf trolley has a full 30-day money-back guarantee, and includes a full factory warranty for one year. We are constantly improving our golf trolleys.
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